Webinars and guest experts on Phlywheel

One of the ongoing advantages of being a Catalyst or Superconductor member is access to livestream content – with guest experts and webinars.

The content of these webinars and guest expert presentations will follow the theme of the month and week.

In August, we’re focused on Messaging – with brilliant guests like Tamar Huggins, an expert on many things, including Creating a Great Value Proposition, and April Dunford, well known for her fantastic work on positioning.

September is Video Month, with our very own talented Celestina Aleobua presenting on storytelling, filmmakers and streaming service founders, Matt Campagna + Melissa D’Agostino, presenting on Advertising with video and more!

October is Analytics Month, so stay tuned for this line up!

Programming takes place nearly every week and, for members, is available for watching on demand after the fact.

Upcoming guest experts