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Content Strategy: Creating Shareable Social Content (Course)

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What compels us to like a photo on Instagram? Or retweet someone on Twitter? In other words...what makes content shareable? You're about to find out.

"We need to do more on social!" says every CEO, CMO, boss, manager, and small business owner in the world.

But where to start? Should you focus on curating a gorgeous Instagram feed? Do people still care about Snapchat? And what's this TikTok people keep talking about?

If your social media strategy is all over the place, and you're not sure where you should dedicate your time (or how), this Masterclass is for you. Before you throw your money into a bottomless pit of Facebook ads, make sure your social presence is on point and effective across your channels. Why pay when you can get people to pay attention to your brand for free?

From LinkedIn and Pinterest to Reddit and TikTok, there are dozens of channels and virtually hundreds of different marketing tactics for each of them. Although each platform has a different purpose and serves a different audience (and we'll go over every single one in this Masterclass!) they all have one thing in common — the need to share and connect with others.

This Masterclass will go through best practices for each platform, with case studies and key learnings from other brands who absolutely kill it on social. Platform by platform, we'll show you what makes each one unique — and how to leverage your organic efforts to the max.