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“With ever-tightening marketing budgets in the aftermath of COVID-19, strategic marketing shop Truly is introducing a new entity titled Phlywheel designed to help startups and small and medium-sized businesses who need the creative and analytical expertise of an agency, but don’t have the budgets they demand.” 

“With the entire business landscape dramatically transformed in the past few months, Phlywheel offers an Agency-as-a-Service model at a time when more and more companies are moving their marketing in-house. “

“By combining marketing experience, technology, and flexibility, Phlywheel may be viewed as one of the earliest movers in this space.”

“Whether you are an in-house marketer looking to get more advanced tools and learn skills to execute complex campaigns, or a freelancer who needs more expertise to scale your services, Phlywheel is a place to start.”

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Phlywheel - Marketing agency expertise without marketing agency costs. | Product Hunt Embed