About Planning Jams

...our version of group office hours!

We offer a lot of ongoing programming for members on Phlywheel – from on-demand masterclasses to live webinars and expert guests to daily micro-lessons and prompts.

Even with the programming, however, our members are going to have their own priorities and questions. One way to answer those questions is to inquire in the feed where one of the Phly Team OR a fellow community member can chime in on some ideas to help.

But typing back and forth can sometimes miss the nuances of an issue. This is where the Planning Jams come into play.

The Planning Jams are a weekly virtual event where members can bring their questions to the group to workshop answers. There is always a Phly Team member (or multiple) and multiple community members on the live streamed call.

Think of these like group office hours! 

The format is straight forward:

  • Members submit their query
  • We pick 4 of these queries to cover within the hour
  • The member who is up, will be given access to present (usually 1-5 minutes)
  • After they present, the Phy Team and community members will take turns offering ideas and/or feedback (usually 10 minutes)

If the member requires more, they can take the conversation offline or book a 1-on-1.

Even if a member doesn’t have a question, it’s to their advantage to attend these sessions as there will be learning opportunities that could benefit them down the road! 

All of the Planning Jams are recorded and accessible for replay for members-only.

Planning Jams are just one of the ways in which we are trying to scale services to help businesses simplify their marketing challenges!