Welcome to our social public relations for-the-heck-of-it media kit

What on earth is a social media kit?

A bunch of years back, we started making these kits for clients. The idea was this: people who love a brand will want to share stuff about that brand, so why not provide nice images and some guidelines so that they can share the heck out of it?

Think of it as a Brand Guidelines for everyone! In it, you will find:

We can’t figure out why everyone doesn’t do this, but whatever…here’s ours! (Feel free to steal this idea for yourself!)

Various tidbits about Phlywheel

Stuff you want to know and stuff you don’t.

What's up with the name?

Say my name, say my name
If no one is around you
Say baby I love you
If you ain't runnin' game

What's a flywheel?

A flywheel is a...

mechanical device that stores on kinetic energy, making it incredibly energy efficient. Once you get a flywheel going, it gets easier and easier to keep going, picking up speed and making it effortless to sustain.

What does a flywheel have to do with marketing?

Flywheel is a metaphor...

In his 2001 classic Good to Great, Jim Collins described successful companies as having a "Flywheel Effect." Like the flywheel used in machinery, it takes some effort to get momentum, but once it starts spinning, it picks up and stores the kinetic energy so that future growth becomes effortless. Successful companies create a flywheel for their growth.

What's up with the stupid spelling?

We spell it Phlywheel because...

1. Flywheel was taken, d'uh.

2. We love the '90s. (Remember Baby Phat?)

3. We can dominate the search results...even if there are only, like, five people searching.

who is behind phlywheel?

Now this is the story all about how
My life got flipped, turned upside down

Founded by Truly Inc.

Truly is a boutique strategic marketing firm from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We specialize in creating long-term strategies that build relationships and have been around since 2016.

Basically, we work with organizations like Nokia, PWL Capital, REALTOR.ca, and more to help build their flywheels.

...digital marketing pioneers

Truly was founded by Tara Hunt, a pioneer in digital and social marketing with more than 20 years in the business.

She wrote one of the first books on how the social web is changing business and was on Twitter before it had vowels...and she oversees (and creates) all of the lessons on Phlywheel.

…with gobs of experience

The people behind Phlywheel don’t just talk about marketing, we’ve done marketing for many brands and industries.

We’ve done research, strategy, and implementation for technology, beauty, food + beverage, non-profit, finance, real estate, entertainment, insurance, fashion, and more. And we love to learn as much as we love to teach.

So the pieces came together

We were turning away more business than we were taking on. There were too many small businesses that needed our help, but couldn't afford agency fees. But in early 2019, we realized that we could help smaller companies by sharing the reams of tools, templates, and lessons we had already prepared.

Thus, Phlywheel was born.

How do I describe phlywheel to others?

Don't tell me it's not worth tryin' for
You can't tell me it's not worth dyin' for
You know it's true
Everything I do
I do it for you

What is Phlywheel?

Phlywheel is a DIY marketing community that includes learning, tools, coaching and a Slack group.
Phlywheel's "teach a man to fish" model has masterclasses, templates, guides, workbooks, cheatsheets, office hours, physical planning tools, and a community of peers and experts that will help you build your own flywheel.

Who is Phlywheel for?

Phlywheel is built, first and foremost, for professionals who find themselves in a marketing role without formal marketing training. They often come from a sales or service background and have great instincts, but may find the plethora of marketing approaches, platforms, and tactics overwhelming...not to mention they're often left alone in their role with full responsibility for the marketing efforts of their firm.

How do I use Phlywheel?

There are three ways to get value out of Phlywheel:
1. sign up for the free stuff. We'll be sharing loads of valuable content in our newsletter and on our blog.
2. buy individual courses, digital downloads, or our Brand Personality Cards + ToolKit on the shop.
3. sign up as a member. Join the Phlywheel Slack community for a one-time fee of $30 and enjoy a lifetime membership!

anything else I should know?

How will I know if he really loves me?
I say a prayer with every heartbeat
I fall in love whenever we meet
I'm asking you what you know about these things

We’re founded by an all-female management team, one of whom is Black.

We put diversity above all else in our hiring practices and it shows.

We’re 100% bootstrapped. We started from a few months of personal savings.

The brand-y stuff

Fonts, logos, colors, and all of that visual stuff.

Phlywheel Inspiration


♪ And all the girls say I’m pretty fly (for a white guy) ♪

Between the reference to “fly” (a la The Offspring) and the swapping out of the f for a ph (reference to fashion brand Baby Phat), the name and brand have a fun 90’s throwback feel that lends itself to a fun fashion and graphic era.

We’ve pulled the peaches and turquoises from the 90’s color palette and updated it a bit for modern representation.

The flywheel, itself, invokes the image of a pinwheel, ferris wheel or the Catherine wheel firework (that gives off sparks). 

Though historically very industrial, our depiction of the flywheel is more about a consumer audience. We aim to create delight and engagement, which aligns to the more consumer audience side of marketing.

Logos & Wordmarks

Our logomark is inspired directly by the Catherine Wheel – the spinning, spark- throwing fireworks.

Flywheels themselves don’t depict any real movement and the intention was to show the magic that was being flung out from the momentum of the wheel. 

It’s is also a visual easter egg…if you look at the image long enough, you’ll see a colorful character, with wild hair and a big smile.

The wordmark is an adaption of  the font CoreRhino 65 Bold by S-Core. It has a playful, youthfulness with a bit of a throwback to the 90’s. The playfulness matches that of the Catherine Wheel carnivalesque logomark.

The wordmark can stand alone or be coupled with the logomark and is equally flexible.

Unlike many logomarks and wordmarks, the Phlywheel graphics are all about being experimental and playful. The only rule is that you spell Phlywheel right and you don’t stretch, pixelate or otherwise make the graphics look sad.

More on our characters here.


The color palette for Phlywheel is inspired by the soft pastels of the 90’s and the whimsical flavours of the carnival (cotton candy, glitter + popcorn). The names are fun and decadent.

The updated palette is re-appearing in 2019 in interior design magazines and fashion.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the colorful palettes of 90’s memphis design…as long as it doesn’t “clash” with the logo.

When it comes to this style, pretty much every color applies.

And feel free to play with “shades” to create the right feel. The elements should feel like high end Memphis Design – pops of color and mixes of brights and pastels.

Just stay within the color palette, the shades and black and white.

We aren’t super into boring blue. 😉


Phlywheel is a fun-loving, pun-slinging, snark-baiting, smart but humble, youthful but wise, and feminine in a tomboyish-way brand. 

Our tone is irreverent and bold and curious and sassy, but there is also a serious and focused side.

It’s important for us to avoid sounding silly or immature. Phlywheel is fun and entertaining, but not childish. We don’t let irreverent and mischievousness descend into “jerk” or closed mindedness.

Most importantly, we have a strong point of view! (In fact – we have many). A strong point of view is important to us because our approach is informed and educated and we see so much bad practice out there that is not only wasteful (of both the advertiser’s money and the customer’s time), but also dangerous. Lazy, short-term tactical thinking in marketing has led to a crisis of confidence in the overall industry and puts many businesses in peril.

Phlywheel Personality
Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 3.07.53 PM
phlywheel_Artboard 1


Phlywheel graphics are all about being experimental and playful.

Our visuals are ’90s inspired, but we also animals in portrait, amusement parks, pastel metaphors and scenes.

We don’t (typically) feature human faces, dark, moody colors, high shadows or black-and-white photography.  

Our illustration style is flat, with Memphis-inspired elements, keeping with our pastel palette. 

We like to experiment with the colorful palettes of 90’s Memphis design…as long as it doesn’t “clash” with our logo. When it comes to this style, pretty much every color applies.

And feel free to play with “shades” to create the right feel. The elements should feel like high end Memphis Design – pops of color and mixes of brights and pastels.

The fun stuff

Have some fun with our phlycons and such!


Llamas, unicorns and raccoons – oh my!  😍 

These aren’t your average icons, and we designed them that way. 

Most icon templates are boring and uninspired. So we decided to make our own! Our signature Phlycons feature whimsical Phlywheel themes, like carousels and hot hair balloons (!) but we’ve got some cute critters in here, too. 

Naturally, you’ll notice we added some of our favorite ’90s-themed objects – Tamagotchi, Tetris, Magic 8 Balls and more, we’re constantly adding to our ever-growing list of Phlycons. 

The best part? They’re available for you to download. (Coming soon!) Use them on your website, your marketing materials, anywhere you want a dash of Phlywheel fun. 

Phlywheel Phlycons
Phlywheel Visuals


Many people don’t realize the retro look we associate with the ’90s born out  Memphis Design, an art and cultural movement that combined bold geometric shapes, graphic patterns and bright, contrasting color palettes.

Remember Saved by the Bell? Those squiggles, pops of neon and black-and-white stripes screamed Memphis. 

The funky style zigzagged its way into our hearts, and you’ll see Memphasized details overlaid on a lot of our graphics and photography. 

The best part about Memphis is you can go bold or subdued with your palette and patterns — it’s entirely up to you.

You just have to ask yourself: How Memphis do you want to be?