Webinar: Crafting your brand voice with Tara Hunt

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When: Tuesday, August 11th (1PM – 2PM ET)

A brand personality is different from a human personality. 

Humans organically form their personalities as they experience the world around them and grow. Brands, however, aren’t human (sorry!) and require some personality crafting in order to come alive (so to speak). 

In this webinar, Tara Hunt will help you breathe as much human as we possibly can into your brand. She’ll show you how to: 

  • Craft a brand voice that engages your audience on digital platforms
  • Understand the difference between tone, voice, and character
  • Create a “social brand” while staying true to your core brand guidelines
  • Write in this new brand voice (and create guidelines so others – like interns and freelancers – can, too!)

Tara has over 20 years experience in market research and strategy on both client and agency side. She combines a data-centric with a human-centric approach to building an audience, leaning heavily on insights into consumer patterns and behaviours while keeping an eye on online trends and changing expectations.

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