It’s Brand Messaging Month on Phlywheel!

Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt

Tara Hunt, CEO of Truly, has over 20 years experience in market research and strategy on both client and agency side. She wrote one of the first books on how the social web is changing business, was named one of 2013's Entrepreneurial Women to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine and one of the Most Influential Women in Technology in Fast Company. She has built an engaged and enthusiastic business audience online of over 345,000 followers, including a significant number of thought leaders. Tara combines a data-centric with a human-centric approach to building an audience, leaning heavily on insights into consumer patterns and behaviors while keeping an eye on online trends and changing expectations.

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One of the features we’ve planned on Phlywheel is to create focused learning sprints each month around a different marketing topic. This way, our members can jump in and out of a deep dive into one topic as they need. August is Brand Messaging Month, for instance, which is something that can apply to a lot of companies and stages of your marketing cycle.

Right now, lots of companies are going through enormous transformations. Though they had fully baked strategies coming into 2020, which pretty much changed everything. They would need to reassess their brand messaging to make sure it fits with the transformation and changing customer expectations.

I’ve heard from other people who lost their jobs or folded another business and have come up with a really great post-pandemic idea. They’d need to do all sorts of brand messaging exercises to figure out what they want to communicate, how they’re positioned in relation to alternatives, and who their new customers are.

How it works

So, as an inaugural topic, we’re aiming all of our programming this month at this very fundamental topic. It’ll break down like this:

  • week 1: value propositions and positioning (competitive)
  • week 2: brand voice and identity (who you are + how you communicate this)
  • week 3: jobs to be done and connecting with customers (audience)
  • week 4: launch plans and landing pages and such (the practical application)

Every week, we have a webinar with an expert or case study on the topic, discussion lessons and prompts throughout the week, shared resources and ideas to aid in the progress and a mastermind group to work through some of the bits in a group coaching scenario.

You can learn more and sign up here (It’s only $39.99 for everything and there’s a VIP option that includes 1-on-1 time and access to our extensive Knowledge Center).


The following webinars are 100% free to members for the month (membership is $39.99 btw):

August 4, 1-2 pm EST Creating a Killer Value Proposition (w/ Tamar Huggins)

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In this webinar, Tamar will show you how to:

  • Use the Value Proposition Canvas
  • Create a value proposition that fits your business and speaks directly to your customer
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your customers
  • Design products and services based on consumer insights

August 11, 1-2 pm EST – Crafting your brand voice (with me!)

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In this webinar, I will show you how to:

  • Craft a brand voice that engages your audience on digital platforms
  • Understand the difference between tone, voice, and character
  • Create a “social brand” while staying true to your core brand guidelines
  • Write in this new brand voice (and create guidelines so others – like interns and freelancers – can, too!)

August 18, 1-2 pm EST – Kristine Squire will give a Jobs to be Done Workshop

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In this workshop, Kristine will:

  • Take you through the concept of Jobs to be Done
  • Teach you the JTBD framework that you can apply to find your customers’ main drivers
  • Show you how to apply the JTBD framework to implementing your messaging and strategic approach

August 25, 1-2 pm EST – Sefunmi Osinaike on Launching your Product (Product Hunt)

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While walking through his own personal journey of launching a book on Product Hunt successfully, Sefunmi will give you lessons in:

  • Preparing for launching your product.
  • How best to manage your time when preparing for a launch
  • What Product Hunt is, the benefits of launching your product on their platform, and what to do when launching with them
  • The importance of multi-channel product placement
  • Promoting your product online and Email Marketing (best tools to use)


Sign up or share with someone you know could use this! It’s quite a great deal! All of this knowledge, coaching, and a wonderful and supportive community for $39.99 is an enormous bargain (it’s a monthly subscription, but you can cancel after the month if you don’t love the programming going forward).

You’ll love it as much as our current community (but I’m biased!):

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Join the Phlywheel community!

Phlywheel is a DIY marketing platform built for agile marketing teams. Through our core pillars of community, content, and coaching, we simplify the digital marketing landscape for entrepreneurs and makers, providing the skills and tools needed to execute successful marketing strategies.

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