Roundup : smart advertisers circlejerk over cannabis

Ammo Somal

Ammo Somal

Ammo is an engaging writer, researcher, and communicator, with a penchant for humor. Back in the UK, he worked in communications and creative for everything from insurance companies to video game festivals. Ammo’s skills as a content/multimedia coordinator have been honed through creating and managing content and planning multiple editorial ventures.

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Advertisers, you’re a campaign in the butt


There’s a reason that when people think of marketers, they think of a bunch of dudes in suits engaged in a circle jerk while the next occupants of the boardroom wait patiently outside, wondering why there’s steam billowing out from under the door.

Take a look at this great opinion piece from Olly Cooper, a recovering senior creative in the ad industry. After taking some time to himself, he discovered that advertisers live in a self-congratulatory bubble, patting each other on the back for pictures of rotting burgers, calling them “ground-breaking” and just assume that “the beautiful art direction will be admired by Helen in Scarborough as she waits impatiently for her delayed 8.42 am train to Bridlington.”

Olly reiterates what we’ve said at Phlywheel for quite some timenobody cares about your campaign. Brands, marketers, and advertisers often forget that there are real people looking at these ads. Real people who have real lives and would rather get a meal deal for a more affordable price, than give a standing ovation to an Art Director who claims that the angle of the Pepsi logo evokes the Mona bloody Lisa.

Cannabis industry goes to pot


While people of color continued to serve time for minor marijuana offenses, the canna-bros quit their financial jobs and pounced on the industry like a pack of rabid frat party vultures. Now the industry is whiter than a Canadian Christmas. 

The breakout year for the legal pot industry has been far from ideal. Botched rollouts, terrible lottery systems for store owners, and competing with the black market have all taken a toll on the business. Now that the investors themselves are turning away, the same vultures picking the carcass of the industry clean are moving on to “disrupt” something else. CEOs are dropping like flies, hundreds of jobs are being axed, and greenhouse plans being scrapped

Luckily, some governments have realized this and have started to scrap the policies that were choking the market. To quote CNN, 2020 could be a defining year for the cannabis industry.

Sometimes it pays to be a SMART ass


Be honest. If you were any good at goal setting you wouldn’t have canceled your gym membership in mid-February. You came to the right place for help, though! The secret to goal setting is to not just set goals but to set SMART goals. What are SMART goals, you ask? They’re goals that are:

  • S pecific
  • M easurable
  • A ttainable
  • R elevant
  • T ime-based

In this article, we break down exactly what SMART goal planning is, give you examples, and get you on the right track. SMART goal setting will give you the tools you need to not only set attainable goals but execute your plan effectively and ultimately achieve—or even exceed—them. It’s worth your time, smarty pants.

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