Lions, coworkers, influencers, oh my!

Ammo Somal

Ammo Somal

Ammo is an engaging writer, researcher, and communicator, with a penchant for humor. Back in the UK, he worked in communications and creative for everything from insurance companies to video game festivals. Ammo’s skills as a content/multimedia coordinator have been honed through creating and managing content and planning multiple editorial ventures.

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Are we washing our hands of COVID-19 content?


*piano plays*

In these uncertain times, it’s importa– ok, that’s enough of that insincere sh*t. In a survey that’s probably left clueless marketers doing the surprised Pikachu face, consumers have expressed increasing levels of fatigue with COVID-19 ads. The survey was conducted by the communications giant, Mitto, and features 7000 respondents across the US, China, Spain, the UAE, Australia, Brazil, and Nigeria. These findings are also amplified by another survey taken by Gen Z consumers.

In the Mitto finds, 41% of the respondents said that they were ready for messaging to move away from the pandemic, while 77% said that ads showed that brands cared about their well-being. Were we watching the same ads? Because every time I’ve been pelted with another phony tire company telling me how much they cared about me before a YouTube video, I felt I was being subjected to the bloody Ludovico Technique or something.

Apparently regaining their sanity for a moment, the consumers also said that they preferred hearing from essential services such as food delivery or essential online retail. They also noted that they preferred to hear from small businesses rather than large corporations. All is not lost, it seems.

That’s a really good point, @itscaitlinhello. Thank you.


For obvious reasons, TikTok has seen a spike in activity over the last few months. And our unique situation this year has no doubt fueled a lot of the content on there. We’ve already seen a bunch of relatable ‘working from home’ style TikToks. I do question the accuracy of these clips, though. It looks like people aren’t laying in bed eating as other clips might suggest because everyone’s spending their WFH days trying to get famous on TikTok. They’re still hilarious, though.

Here’s user @itscaitlinhello playing that coworker that everyone hates with a Christian Bale-level of commitment. You know, that coworker that just has to say something, and you just want them to get into the sea? I’ve worked with them in previous jobs, and I know you have, too.

It’s one of the better TikToks I’ve seen out there. Hmmm, I’m told that I’m pretty funny. Maybe I should make one. 

Detroit isn’t lion about their season schedule


And now, for some creative and quirky content. 

Typically, when the NFL announces a season schedule, it’s a pretty standard, sports-y affair. However, the teams themselves have the freedom to get a little bit creative when showing off their schedules. American football team, the Detroit Lions have done just that with their message about the 2020 season. Their content features a nature documentary spoof and an Animal Crossing video… because money.

I mean, I get it. They’re supposed to be lions. But, it’s important to note that I’m not usually into sports unless it’s people beating each other up, or at least pretending to beat each other up. So call me uninformed, but are NFL fans the right audience to be pushing cutesy Animal Crossing videos to? Maybe quarantine is getting to their creative team. 

Can we all agree to stop performing now?


We’ve talked about the problematic influencer culture quite a bit before. But in the past two months, social media became (on a community level, at least) a tiny bit less like a toilet. This article explores how the cannabros, growth-hackers, and faux-celebrity Instagram models have been flushed out like the sweetcorn riddled turds they are and replenished with the fresh Clorox tablets that are ACTUAL PEOPLE.

The (cautious) social-utopians among us, like my boss (and author of the above article) Tara, pleads for a return to the good old days of the web. The days where people and community came before reaction videos and shilling terrible charcoal face masks for a 5% discount.

But, the nihilistic and cynical part of me knows that things will go exactly back to how they were once everything blows over. Just like how Britain had a chance to rebuild the country after the heroic sacrifices made by our WWII soldiers and instead decided to rebuild it exactly the way it used to be (happy VE day, by the way, folks!)

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