Burger King’s digital marketing strategy: how do they do it?

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So we’ve talked you through what a digital marketing strategy is, and the theory is great and all. But, what about real-world examples of good digital marketing strategies? Look no further because we’re starting by looking at the most successful coffee chain in the world. 

Regardless of where you are in the world, you know what the “home of the Whopper” is. Burger King’s marketing strategy is so solid that a simple word sparks familiarity. In particular, the Burger King digital marketing strategy is a brilliant approach to marketing, one that other companies can take note of. Let’s take a closer look into this brand’s winning tactics with a flame-grilled Burger King marketing strategy analysis, so you can start applying some of these lessons into your own brand.  

Burger King’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Burger King’s digital marketing strategy works because the brand isn’t afraid to take chances and think outside the box. To truly stand out in marketing, this is essential. The company has also poked fun at the competition without looking like the bad guy. In short, they’ve made marketing fun…and they’ve let the consumer in on the joke. 

The brand takes a mobile-heavy approach to its marketing strategy with its smartphone-focused campaigns which were the driving force behind app downloads. In doing so, it’s managed to keep up with the demand for convenience that technology enables, making it easy for customers to get what they want, when they want it.

For example, Burger King offered a coffee subscription for its app users that would allow them to pay a fee of $5 a month for a daily coffee, which the brand compared as the cost of a Starbuck’s cappuccino.  

Here are some other examples of Burger King’s most impressive digital campaigns:


Nobody could have predicted the pandemic that would affect the world this year, turning businesses and life as we know it upside down. However, the brand was able to act quickly, as evidenced in Burger King’s new marketing strategy centered around COVID-19.

The company used its mobile marketing focus to encourage consumers to order through the app, emphasizing the importance of staying home. As the Burger King advertisement stated, “your country needs YOU to stay on your couch…and order in.” The brand also donated Whoppers to nurses and supported the American Nurses Foundation. 

Augmented Reality 

The Burger King digital marketing strategy stays true to its mobile marketing focus while using augmented reality. One of the Burger King YouTube ads showed people using the app in Brazil to set fire to the ads of rival fast-food chains. The digital fire revealed a coupon for a free Whopper. 

This is creative and encourages app downloads by providing an incentive. It also directly targets the competition, no matter who it is. 

Social Media Marketing 

Burger King’s social media marketing tactics are anything but shy. 

Last year, social media influencers on Twitter noticed Burger King liking old tweets from 2010.   It was enough to grab their attention and cause some to post about it on their twitter accounts. As it turns out, this was a targeted marketing tactic from the brand to announce a throwback item from their menu–its funnel cake fries. Guess what year the fries first made the menu? That’s right, 2010. 

By engaging with influencers who then became unintentionally involved in the Burger King campaign, the brand caused a buzz and initiated new relationships with influencers. The campaign was a stand out as one of Burger King’s viral marketing successes. 

On this side, Burger King has also employed some pretty unique digital marketing tactics. Quite famously, the brand tricked a bunch of high-profile influencers into promoting their brand by liking ancient tweets from the influencers, (notably Casey Neistat) whose confusion led them to tweet the brand publicly. These interactions gained media attention and therefore, eyes on the brand. There’s a reason they call ‘em the king.

Key Takeaways to Apply Within Your Brand

Burger King’s digital marketing strategy appeals heavily to tech-savvy consumers.  For a company that’s been around since 1954, it’s aged well and continues to evolve with consumers’ needs. If we can take anything out of the Burger King marketing strategy, it is to stay on top of the trends, think quickly, and remember to take risks. The payoff can be huge–and memorable. 

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