Hello, we are

Phlywheel is built by a group of opinionated, big-hearted marketers.

We got really bummed out seeing business after business fall short because they couldn’t afford a digital agency. So we decided to bring the agency to the businesses. We’ve put our heart and soul into creating a Phlywheel for your brand, and we think that it shows, too.

20+ years of experience

We’ve seen it all.
With decades of marketing experience and industry insight under our belts, we’ve got real value to offer you and your brand.

We know how to do more with less

We’re a small business. We’ve worked with many other small businesses. In a time of ever-decreasing budgets, we understand the importance of efficiency.

In-market proven techniques

The contents of everything (from our Masterclasses to our Cheat Sheets) have actually been tested in the market. We’ve used them for clients and ourselves, too. We’ll only give you what’s been proven to work.

A broad range of deep expertise

We bring the full range of digital and traditional marketing to the table. The Phlywheel team has experience in fields such as strategy, research, design, writing, optimization, multimedia and more.

Meet the Team

Phlywheel was founded by Toronto-based strategic marketing firm, Truly Inc. Truly is an award-winning firm who has worked with Nokia, REALTOR.ca, CAMSO, Michelin, CPA and many more.

Tara Hunt

The founder of Phlywheel, Tara Hunt, has over 20 years of experience in market research, strategy and content, working with globally recognized brands. She wrote one of the first books on how the social web is changing business and widely considered to be a pioneer in social media marketing.

Truly Team (aka Phlyteam)

The Phlywheel team also includes a group of seasoned professionals from around the world, trained in fields such as strategy, research, design, writing, optimization, multimedia and much, much more.

Our Unique Approach

Behind the Masterclasses, behind the resources, behind the tools and documents, behind everything that is Phlywheel, is the unique Truly approach to strategy:

1. Research + Learn

We start with finding out: who your customer is, what they read, where they hang out, what motivates them, what are the issues you’ll come up against trying to reach them.

2. Strategize + Plan

Now that we understand your customer, we build out a full strategy and plan to connect with them.

3. Create + Produce

Now that you have your plan, it's time to get creative! Applying everything we know about your audience, we create the content that connects.

4. Post + Optimize

This is the part of the process where content is optimized for the platform and findability. Tags, descriptions, formats and boosting included.

5. Listen + Engage

This is where you build a loyal, engaged audience. Interacting and engaging with your readers/viewers will go a long way to creating growth.

6. Measure + Report

All of these efforts need to be tracked and analyzed on a regular basis to ensure you meet the goals you set. What you learn here will help improve your efforts every day.

Honed over more than 20 years, we’ve developed, tested, and proven the Truly approach time and time again, achieving real, lasting results every time. The heart of this approach and methodology is core to Phlywheel.

Our Point of View

or single tactics – that will change everything. It’s always a combination of many things. The right combination is called a strategy.

Who they are, what keeps them up at night, how you can help them, where they hang out and how you can connect with them. Oh…and your audience is never “everybody.”

They are loyal, long-term and will help you grow your business through referrals.

Stop treating them like they are. You’ll get further with relating to them and delivering value than with manipulating them.

The sooner you move away from brand-centric thinking, the better off you’ll be.

What you measure matters. Think S.M.A.R.T. metrics and understand what helps you achieve your goals.

Focusing on your best customer – the one that needs/desires what you’re selling, is willing (and able) to pay for it, and will tell others like them – and ignoring the bad customers is key to growing smarter.

They are insight-driven guidelines to your best chance of success, but you need to be agile and adaptable once they are implemented. The flywheel is circular.

Don’t make short-term decisions that will hurt your long-term goals. Put your priorities on the long game (even when it hurts in the short term).

Scheduling posts, setting up campaigns and not looking at performance regularly and adjusting as needed, forgetting to listen…all lazy and bad practices that will lead to your demise.